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AIPWA District meeting @ 5pm to 8pm
April 7, 2018 @

AIPWA District meeting @5pm to 8pm
May 6, 2018 @

AIPWA District meeting @ 5pm to 8pm
June 3, 2018 @

AIPWA District meeting @ 5pm to 8pm
July 1, 2018 @

AIPWA District meeting @ 5pm to 8pm
August 4, 2018 @

   -   AIPWA lodged a petition to the central government to end the caste reservation and to implement the income based reservation.             -   AIPWA formally requested the TN State Government to inter connect state rivers to keep the environment balanced and greener.             -   AIPWA putting various efforts in making the public aware of the bad effects of soft drinks and to stop consuming them.         


The ineffectiveness of rules due to the influence of political hands and corrupted of net works results in higher level of injustice to the public society such as crimes, murders, thefts, child abuses, rape cases and so on…Effective actions to be implemented for the safety and security of women in particular and laws shall be strengthened against female abuses.

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AIPWA (All India People welfare association) is founded by volunteers and well- wishers for the well being of people of mother India by protecting the human rights, providing awareness, preventing corruption and to join with the team of volunteered social workers under the umbrella of AIPWA to knocking the door of various authorities for people’s rights and fundamental facilities.

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