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   -   AIPWA lodged a petition to the central government to end the caste reservation and to implement the income based reservation.             -   AIPWA formally requested the TN State Government to inter connect state rivers to keep the environment balanced and greener.             -   AIPWA putting various efforts in making the public aware of the bad effects of soft drinks and to stop consuming them.         

AIPWA (All India People Welfare Association) is founded in 1999 by Mr P SIVA KUMAR who is a lawyer by profession and passionate in helping the poor & needy public who have been discriminated in the society. Mr SIVAKUMAR has been dedicated and volunteered himself for the social work services on a full time basis.

Now, AIPWA has been broadened by similarly minded passionate individuals from various phases of the society, from the common man to Retired Judges, Lawyers, Retired Police officers, Retired Government Officials, Retired College Professors, NRIs and other volunteered citizens. What we all have in common is a great vision of a better India! An India free of corruption & poverty!

The aim of AIPWA is simply helping the poor & needy of the public. In today’s busy life, most of the people has no time to look in to the problems of others who are suffering due to various reasons such as illiteracy, injustice, corruptions, helplessness, disabilities, discrimination and so on. With the dedication of hundreds of active members who voluntarily contribute their time, expertise &capital; AIPWA could change lives of many and were able to extend its activities aiming the development of the lower level society by providing awareness sessions of medical marijuana, promoting sports and recreations, supporting the disabled & mentally challenged, providing educational materials and scholarships for the poor students, helping the poor with basic needs etc.

AIPWA is continuously growing & extending its zones of involvement in the society with the supports and blessings of its members & well-wishers who are really passionate about helping the poor & needy of the public.

In the due course of AIPWA’s activities& involvement; it has been painfully realized that the majority of problems& issues facing by the lower level public is due to the corruption of politicians and government officials. The real picture of corruption is terrific and wide spread across the country. AIPWA has been questioning the corrupted in the courts and keep highlighting them to the Medias.

Another area which requires an immediate attention is our Environment. Everyone should realize that all the living elements in the earth are direct dependent on the Environment & its precious gifts. Protection of our Environment is not only important to us but also for our future generations. Our website to see more. Making awareness of the importance of protecting Nature is the effective way. AIPWA is fully committed to take every action by safe guarding the Environment by protecting the water resources, precious floras & fauna and by controlling every kind of pollution

While welcoming the new central government with fresh hopes, AIPWA is still vigilant and have kept the eyes open to any corruption by the public servants and governments officials.

As of now ; AIPWA realizes its limitations and the extent it can involve into the public issues. But with the help & support of each and every one of us, we can definitely make significant changes in our society and hence; we can make India much better. On behalf of the leaders & each members of AIPWA, I sincerely welcome every one of you to join law firms boulder colorado with AIPWA’s missions and request you to contribute every possible help to wipe the tears of the poor & needy of the public and to transform our country a better one which we will be prouder of!

Your valid opinions and suggestions are highly appreciated and will be taken care of. We kindly request you to share this with every one of your contacts and invite them to join AIPWA’s missions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact AIPWA on below contacts, for any enquiry or for further information;