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AIPWA (All India People welfare association) is founded by volunteers and well- wishers for the well being of people of mother India by protecting the human rights, providing awareness, preventing corruption and to join with the team of volunteered social workers under the umbrella of AIPWA to knocking the door of various authorities for people’s rights and fundamental facilities.

  • This All India People Welfare Association shall hard work for the welfare of the public service of the people.
  • This Association shall hard work in proper way for the basic needs and amenities of the people to get within stipulated period.
  • Awareness of the Human Right Act (For Example) helping the person affected due to the violation of Police Authorities, getting compensation for them.
  • Awareness about the Consumer Act, Safeguard the rights of the Consumer. If any member affected due to purchase any things with poor quality, getting for them Compensation through Consumer Court , initiating action against them.



Getting compensation for the affected persons who buys things, Jewels, Equipments, Dress with poor quality by paying the amount.

Warning the Ration Shops for shortage of quantity, quality and getting compensation for the affected persons.

Getting compensation for the affected persons due to deficit service in Banks, Post office, Buses.

  • The Association shall provide all support to the members whose consumer rights is violated and give all legal support.
  • The Association shall give support to get the compensation for the member who met with any accident.
  • The Association shall give all support when there is any violation of labours right.
  • Awareness of basic law (through Bit Notice, Books)
  • Counseling for the family disputes and civil disputes for the Association members.
  • Ideas for the members who were affected due to bribe and proper action shall be taken.
  • Members can give application for all their disputes and get ideas and legal assistance.
  • Take legal action against cruelty due to dowry and help to get relief
  • To get government scholarship for old age people, widow, deserted wife, handicapped and orphanages and help to take appropriate action for pending problems in state and central government offices and collector office.
  • Creating awareness by conducting free medical camp, free Legal camp and free career training camp and english college language learn.
  • Help for taking proper action for all problems other than legal problem.


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